This is the public portfolio of learnings from the pilot run of the Reimagination Lab, powered by Teach For America’s California Capital Valley region.

Table of Contents.

This portfolio is somewhat of a “choose your own adventure.” You might personally be more interested in one of the questions below over another - feel free to skip to what interests you most. It will also make sense read linearly, from top-to-bottom. There is a combination of videos, audio, and text throughout to address whatever learning style suits you best.

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What is the Reimagination Lab?

The Reimagination Lab is a 15-week experience that pairs students with teachers to co-create and implement learner-centered experiences. Students and teachers receive a $1,000 award and undergraduate/graduate level credits. Students and teachers work together, in equal partnership, to determine needs in their school environment, craft solutions to those needs, and present those solutions to the broader school community. The Reimagination Lab shifts power from adult-centric school systems, where all decision-making power is held by adults, to co-created school systems, with adults and young people sharing power.

The big picture: What is the Reimagination Lab?

What does co-creation mean?

What is “adultcentrism”?

What does “shifting power” mean?

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